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Sizegenetics South AfricaThe harsh truth is not every man has a penis they can be proud of. Having a small penis really affects the ego of a man and can cause emotional problems and low self-esteem. You might have seen men with huge penises in porn videos or elsewhere and wondered how do they achieve this? Most of those penises you see are not natural but enlarged and you can also enlarge your penis and get massive permanent gains after proper use for a few months. SizeGenetics is the most effective penis extender in the market that has been used by many men for years to get massive penis increases. Read on to learn more about this device, how to use it and what results you should expect after using it.

What is sizegenetics?

Sizegenetics is a penis extender that works through traction. Sizegenetics is a superior product manufactured using high quality materials to ensure that it is not only effective but also safe. Many cheaper and inferior products in the market do not deliver results and will leave you with a sore and hurt penis after use. Sizegenetics is a clinically tested product and has been put under very many years of rigorous research to become what it is today. Sizegenetics is certified as a medical type I device which means it has approval from the FDA showing it is safe for use and effective.

To give you the full confidence that you need before buying a penis extender, SizeGenetics is sold with a double money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you. You will be required to use the device religiously for 4 months and provide some required proof of this before you can get the money back this really shows how confident the manufacturer is in their product. Sizegenetics is known to be the most effective penis extender in the market today. But, you should not just take our word for it, try and see it for yourself. You have nothing to lose since you are protected by the double money back guarantee.

There are many penis extenders in the market that promise men quick results. But how can you be sure that they really deliver? Sizegenetics is the only product in the market that has many doctor endorsements. Some doctors have studied the device and have seen it to work. How cool is that. It is also the most reviewed product in the market today with testimonials from real users of the device. The men who have enjoyed the benefits of the product are not ashamed to post their before and after pictures showing clear real gains in length and girth.

Sizegenetics in South Africa

How does it work?

Sizegenetics devices are a compilation of several parts and pieces all important at achieving the end goal, a bigger and thicker penis. Sizegenetics works on the same concept that gives bodybuilders muscle gains. When you work out, the muscles that you are targeting stretch and eventually tear. The body responds through cell duplication. More cells come up to replace that one that was torn. This in turn means that you get larger and firmer muscles as they heal.

A penis extender works in the same way. Sizegenetics applies a total of 2800 grams of tension on the penis. This is quite extreme but safe. It is more like heavy lifting during the bulking up stage of body building. The tension causes a stretch along the corpora cavernosa, which is the part of the penis that carries blood. The tension causes micro tears to occur on the penis and in response your body does cell duplication. This means that you get a bigger and firmer penis in the long run that can hold more blood.

Blood is really important for a man to have and hold a firm erection. The more blood you have in your penis, the bigger and harder your erection will be. With Sizegenetics you can therefore be sure of rock hard erections that will change your sex life. Sizegenetics does not only cause an increase in your length, it also causes an increase in your girth. In fact many men report seeing changes in girth faster than length but increase in girth is not so much as it is in length since the traction is directed downwards when you wear the device.

Sizegenetics has 50% more traction than any other device available in the market. What does this mean for you the user? It means you can see results that much faster when you use sizegenetics. The device is also completely painless and the results are permanent.

Benefits of using sizegenetics

Sizegenetics is unlike any other penis extender in the market. You will enjoy many benefits when you choose Sizegenetics including the following;

  • You will see results quickly
  • It is 100% safe
  • It is certified as a medical type 1 device
  • It comes with a 4 months double money back guarantee
  • The results are guaranteed
  • The device is highly tested and researched so you are sure it works
  • The device is FDA approved
How to use sizegenetics

It is recommended that you follow the instructions given carefully when using sizegenetics. A penis extender can cause you harm if you do not use it properly. To make the process easy for you, Sizegenetics is made using a system that ensures safety of the user. They call this the 58 way ultimate comfort system. You can use the device safely for about 4 hours every day. When starting out it is recommended that you start with little traction and for short durations and then increase this with time as your penis becomes used to carrying the weight. To direct you on how to use the device, it comes with an instructional DVD or you could also access the video on the official website. Sizegenetics is very well developed to make it extremely easy to use.

Sizegenetics price in South Africa

Packages available

Sizegenetics is available in three packages called the ultimate package, comfort package and value edition package. The ultimate package is the most preferred package as it contains everything you need and more.

Are you in need of a penis extender that really delivers results quickly and in a safe manner? Then you should join the hundreds of thousands of men around the world that are already enjoying a bigger penis.

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